Sofer Jewelry, a division of Beny Sofer Inc., has become a go-to source for classic pieces, offering a line of fashion diamond jewelry that features 14k, 18k and platinum settings. The appeal of Sofer Jewelry can be attributed to both its quality and timeless style. Each diamond is hand picked from Beny Sofer Inc.’s strictly graded diamond inventory, selected for its brilliance and make. Beny Sofer Inc. has been one of the leading suppliers of loose diamonds for over thirty years.

Sofer’s designs feature either rounds, princess, ovals, marquise, cushions, pear shapes, or radiants in a variety of settings. Customers appreciate Sofer Jewelry for its simple, classic styles embellished with subtle, innovative touches. The collection suits women with classic or contemporary tastes, consisting of rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, pave and micro pave pieces designed with tasteful elegance that transcends time.