Founded in 2007 by owner and designer Megan Thorne, Megan Thorne Fine Jewels creations are instantly recognizable, and her uniquely fluid and feminine style harkens inspiration from her first love of fabric – delicate laces, vibrant joyful prints, and fine textile weaves.

An artist and an artisan, Megan has an in-house studio staffed with a team of personally-trained jewelers, yet even with a team, she touches every piece, designing, drawing, fabricating, casting, setting, and finishing jewels. It is this intimacy with her craft and materials that brings forth the integrity of every piece and the intricacy of her designs. And it is this attention to detail, design and workmanship that instantly transforms a ring or necklace into an heirloom piece, one that will travel through generations with timeless elegance.

Before Megan began setting diamonds and rubies, she studied apparel design in college, following her love of fashion to a fine lingerie brand where she honed her creative eye as assistant designer. After exercising her talents on ribbons and lace, she turned to gold and silver, discovered metalsmithing, and never looked back.