The Demeglio family have been in the jewelry business since 1922. They welcomed their second child, Roberto in 1966. From an early age Roberto knew when he grew up that he wanted to be a restorer or a gold smith. When he turned 13 he moved from Turin to Valenza, the headquarter of jewelry making around world, to study and follow his dream. There, he went to school in the morning and spent his afternoons learning to be a goldsmith and a setter from master artisans. At the age of 18 Roberto moved back to Turin and opened his first goldsmith laboratory.

Roberto celebrated the birth of his daughter Giorgia with the launch of his first collection, Gioconda. Roberto’s Gioconda collection was a turning point in the jewelry world by mixing 18k gold, diamonds and stainless steel. He was the first to turn the classic tennis bracelet into a clasp-less bracelet. Creating the first jewel for the modern woman which is comfortable and easy to wear.