S H A E S B Y    J E W E L R Y

Born and raised in Louisiana, Shaesby Scott grew up in a creative environment and studied sculpture and fine art at Colorado State University. In 2001, he opened his Austin studio.

Always exploring outside the lines, Scott’s creative style blends techniques of both sculptural form and traditional jewelry. Uniquely its own, each piece is hand forged. Using traditional jewelry making techniques, every piece is handcrafted by his talented artisans. Always ethically sourced, gemstones and diamonds are no-conflict and precious metals are 100% recycled.

Exploring symbiotic relationships, Shaesby creates a pieces that will be worn. Each piece takes on characteristics between the creator and the person wearing it. Designed to be incorporated into each individuals’ own style, the hand-crafted sensibility results in pieces that become wearable sculptures.

Each Shaesby design is unique, authentic, wearable and timeless.