Estate Pieces

Petite G can help you divest your family’s valued estate jewelry.  We buy gold, diamonds, gemstones, high end watches, and almost any non-costume pieces.  Please bring in your unwanted estate jewelry, including rings, necklaces, brooches, and everything in between.  We value your pieces, recognize that clients often have a strong connection with heirloom pieces and welcome the opportunity to assist you in sorting through your inventory.  Petite G can work with you to determine the quality of your pieces and assign value to them.

Sell Your Gold

The price of gold is constantly changing.  Bring your unwanted pieces to Petite G and we can give you a quote based on the current gold market.

Trading In Your Gold

Trade in your unwanted gold for store credit for the best deal.  Trade in for store credit and receive 20% more than the daily value of your items.

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