About Suneera

With an ethos grounded in creating finely crafted, timeless jewelry,
Suneera has jewelry for every occasion. From petite every day pieces to bold creative statements, each piece is designed to be layered and mixed. Her collections are elegant and romantic, conveying a sense of glamour that will last a lifetime.

In her downtown Los Angeles studio, she personally oversees all manufacturing. It is important to her that she ensures quality and maintains the integrity of each piece. The aesthetic of her collections reflect the craftsmanship of effortlessly blending modern, state-of-the-art, technology with old world manufacturing. The studio continues to use traditional techniques that date back centuries. The optical play of symmetry and multi-layer construction of each design conveys movement and creates dynamic impacts.

“The woman who wears our jewelry has a strong sense of self. She desires a sophisticated look that compliments her individual style. She is a traveler, lover of art, collector of fine things and has an emotional connection with the jewelry she wears.”


Background & Formation

As a child, Suneera recalls seeing her mother and aunt redesigning family heirlooms by adding their own personal flare. As she grew older, she fell in love with the idea of owning pieces that can be passed down generations.

After fifteen years of designing and manufacturing for private labels in Los Angles, Suneera launched her namesake brand in 2010. Continuing the tradition of creating special pieces, Suneera’s work evokes nostalgia while remaining highly relatable to contemporary women.


Ethically Sourced

With a commitment to honor the best conscientious practices, reclaimed gold is used to create new jewels. All gemstones are hand selected for their brilliance and unusual characteristics after being ethically sourced.


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