About Mabel Chong

Women trust Mabel Chong to bring out their individual strengths and beauty. Her designs revitalize the bold and beautiful spirit that burns in the heart of every woman. Regularly customers say that, “you can’t go wrong with Mabel Chong.”

Growing up in poor in rural China, young Mabel could only dream of possessing jewelry. Her mother’s one pair of golden wedding earrings had to be sold to help the family emigrate to Hong Kong. Years later, the memory of this sacrifice drives Mabel to create designs that honor her mother with beauty.

Living in San Francisco with her husband and two young girls, Mabel has tuned into a professional mother who and invites clients to explore their own version of “Uncivilized Elegance.”

Mabel nurtured her passion for jewelry by creating her own pieces. She picks up inspiration from art, travel, and the natural world around her. Chong now owns two jewelry shops in San Francisco and her pieces can be found in leading jewelry boutiques across the country, as well as select museums and luxury resorts.

Mabel’s designs evoke the duality of nature by blending intricate beauty with earthy materials in an approach she describes as “Uncivilized Elegance.” Much like the unique and charmingly imperfect stones she chooses, Mabel’s organic, handmade pieces are designed to remind every woman of their own raw, exceptional beauty.

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