About Cynthia Ann

Cynthia Ann was inspired to design jewelry in the year 2000, while she was grieving the loss of her Mother. It was during this time she traveled to Europe to begin a spiritual journey discovering, collecting and designing unique and beautiful assortments of old religious medals and crosses.

As her journey evolved, her love for jewelry making grew beyond her religious pieces. Through her visits to European antique fairs, conversations with dealers, and research of the true meaning of each jewelry piece, she found herself attracted to the Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian era jewelry. These pieces exuded old world craftsmanship as they were made by hand, not machines. Cynthia believed each piece was calling to be “re-purposed” and “re-loved”. The history, brilliant craftsmanship and unique stones are what drew her to each precious piece.

With these unique pieces in hand, Cynthia began designing and creating her line of Ancient & Olds Swallows, Starbursts, Love Tokens, Diamond Bars and Crescent Moons. She loved researching the meaning of each piece along with the old world techniques used to create them. This is what inspired Cynthia to create her line of custom jewelry. For example, the swallow represents love and affection for family and friends, symbolizing the loyalty of the person who will always return to them.

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